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The ROOT cause to 85 percent of most illness and disease is caused by bad bacteria, viruses or parasites.  The Herbal Anti-Biotic is designed to help rid the body of these three invaders.

The overuse of pharmaceutical antibiotics have created super-bugs that have developed a resistance to the most powerful drugs.  These powerful antibiotics are becoming ineffective as well as dangerous to the human body.

However, in nature’s infinite wisdom there are highly effective herbs that naturally have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties, all able to protect the human body safely and with deep natural healing powers.

Ingredients: organic: oregano, eucalyptus, olive leaf, elderberries, wormwood, garlic, alcohol.

Our Herbal Anti-biotic is precision made in harmony with nature and contains balanced herbal constituents that safely destroy bad bacteria, viruses and parasites in the human body. 

Many of us know that prevention is the best defense against cancer and other health disorders however, many of us don’t know that studies have shown that certain herbs and herbal combinations can actually reduce or reverse cancer.

Some of our clients have called to let us know that after taking the Herbal Anti-Biotic that their cancer markers dropped significantly. 

We have received positive feed- back from people taking our Herbal Anti-Biotic for: yearly pneumonia, flu, inflammation, yeast infections, bladder infections, cancer, blood infections, etc..

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