Stop using anti-bacterial products
Using products such as these kill good bacteria and cause an imbalance on our skin.

Starting from the 1940s and still today, medical doctors prescribe pharmaceutical antibiotics for many different symptoms. These pharmaceutical antibiotics destroy all bacteria, both good and bad, leaving our body imbalanced and with a compromised immune system.

What we have failed to realize is that, like all life, bacteria adapt to threats to their survival. And as a result, bacteria have evolved in a very complex way, becoming immune to pharmaceutical antibiotics.


  • Bacteria have a type of internet that allows them to rapidly exchange information. Even if they are different types of bacteria.
  • Once one bacteria learn how to resist man-made antibiotics, it wastes no time communicating the information to other bacteria. With the amazing network that bacteria have, it takes very little time for this information to be shared.
  • Bacteria release pieces of their DNA, which also carry antibiotic resistance information.
  • Bacteria produce a new generation every twenty minutes, multiplying 500,000 times faster than people. This new generation is already resistant to our antibiotics.

Bacteria helped develop the earth before man was here. They are much older than we are and will continue to survive in spite of our efforts to kill all bacteria as we continuing making man-made antibiotic products. Bacteria are designed to have highly developed survival skills. The reason they are so survival intelligent is because without bacteria there would be no earth and no inhabitants. We cannot survive without good bacteria. Unfortuately man-made antibiotic products contiune to kill the good bacteria.


  1. Maintain a healthy diet
  2. Eat organic foods or foods that have not been exposed to antibiotics
  3. Take a high-quality multi-vitamin to keep your immune system strong
  4. Take Herbal-Anti-Biotic when you feel an illness coming on. Order natural antibiotic from This herbal based extract should be in every medicine cabinet.
  5. Stop using man-made Antibiotic products – soaps, hand sanitizers, dish detergent, etc..
  6. Stop waging war on bacteria – 90% of bacteria are beneficial to our health and necessary for our planet and existence.
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