Using Herbal Medicine


Long before recorded history, plants were used for medicinal purposes.   Writings by ancient Chinese and Egyptians educated us today of the uses of herbal remedies.  Herbs have been successfully used since the beginning of time but in the 19th century scientists began to extract and modify the active ingredients of herbs. Chemists began to make their own version of plant compounds, going from raw herbs to synthetic pharmaceutical products.   Even with the use of pharmaceutical drugs, 80% of the worlds population still rely on herbal medicines as part of their primary health care. 


Herbal supplements continue to be used today for a wide variety of reasons. The most important of these reasons, of course, is that herbs work.   The key to using herbs is to choose the correct herbs.  It is also important to use organic herbs.  Herbs contain many healing constituents that the body understands and they invoke a healing response from the body.  Herbs are full of nutrients, vitamins and healing properties allowing the body systems to fight by strengthening the immune system.  Whole herbs contain many ingredients that work together to produce the correct medicinal effect.